Sage 100 fka Sage MAS 90 How to Create a Filter in a Look Up Window

Creating filters is a powerful tool you can use to display data within a look up window in Sage 100 (MAS 90 and MAS 200).  You can even move between filtered list quickly by using the sage drop down list of customized windows you created previously.

Here are the steps to create a filter in the Sage 100 (MAS 90 and MAS 200) look up window in version 4.1 and newer.

In the lookup window, click Filters. In theFilters window, each line item is a filter consisting of a Column, Operand, and Value.  Filters that are defined in the User Lookup Wizard and Lookup Customization Wizard also appear in the Filters window. If the filter is locked, it cannot be changed. If the filter is not locked, it can be removed or modified.
At the Column field, select the lookup column you want to filter. The Column field reflects all of the columns defined for the lookup. For more information, see Filters – Fields.
At the Operand field, select the appropriate operand.
At the Value field, type a value. If you enter multiple values separated by commas (,), they assume an “OR” condition.
To add additional filters, repeat steps 2 through 4. You can define an unlimited number of filters; multiple filters assume an “AND” condition.
To retain these filters for future lookups, select the Save Filters check box.  If the Save Filters check box is cleared, the filters remain in the Filters window and remain in effect during the lookup; however, when you exit the lookup, these filters are removed.
Click OK to apply the filters.

Sage 100 TIP:   You can delete filters after they have been defined.  To delete a filter, in the Filters button in the lower left of the look up window click filter.  If filters are applied or saved the text will be shown in red.   Change or delete filter data.  To delete all filters, click Reset. The filters are cleared, and any filters from the custom look up, if one exists, are restored.  Clicking Reset also clears the Save Filters check box.  To learn more about using the look up window take a look at our Sage 100 Productivity Class

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