Is your software no longer supported?

What do I do now that my custom programmed software is no longer supported? Customers often think nothing will work the way they do. The fact is the products available today are configurable, often with no custom programming. Integration with Microsoft Excel, Word and other programs, make it easy to get the details you require in tools you already know.

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The power of an ERP software doesn't have to be complex

Following the below steps will make your process of choosing software a much easier task.

Evaluate your business
Evaluate your existing software
Evaluate your existing systems
Make a wish list
Prioritize your wish list

Looking at where you are, what you have and what you want, gives you a true picture of the job at hand. Sometimes, the product you already have may be exactly what you need. You
may want to look into additional training or better support to correct any problems you are having and to increase your productivity. Download the "Guide to Choosing Business Management Software" now!

What now?

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