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1. Complete the form below and one of our education representatives will contact you to set up your preferred method of payment. You can pay using a company check, Visa or MasterCard. For monthly enrollment a credit card will be required.

2. Proceed to our class site to register for classes. Once your membership is paid, your enrollment will automatically be accepted.

Annual enrollment option: $1895
Monthly enrollment option: $169 per month

A one year commitment is required however, you may cancel your membership within 60 days of sign up and receive a refund of any remaining months less the price of any classes attended or months lapsed.

Please note, if you are currently working with a Sage ERP MAS partner, we encourage you to continue that relationship and use this as a supplement to their services. We are not attempting to solicit business from other Sage ERP MAS partners and encourage them to enroll in our partner program so they can be notified of any training classes completed by their customers.


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