Sage Brand Changes—How the New Names Impact You and Your Business

The year 2011 marks the thirtieth year that Sage has been providing market-leading business management software and services to small and midsized businesses. Throughout our history, our commitment to customers has been at the center of everything we do. It is a commitment that has helped make Sage a recognized global leader in supplying business management solutions to small and midsized businesses like yours, and it is a commitment that grows each day in the way we serve you, as we deliver a growing portfolio of products and services to help make your business life easier.

Sage will be extending that commitment further in 2012 with enhanced products, new services, and productivity-enhancing features such as Sage Advisor that help you make the most of your software investment. One of the most visible elements will be the introduction of new names for many of our products that will make clear which Sage products are most appropriate to complement the Sage solutions you are using today, and which may be available to support your business as it grows.
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