Sage BusinessWorks Accounting

Sage BusinessWorks Accounting provides the tools you need to manage your business effectively today, allowing you to build a more profitable tomorrow. Sage BusinessWorks combines robust features and high-level performance through 11 fully integrated modules and multi-user networking capabilities supporting up to 48 concurrent users.

Sage BusinessWorks is for small businesses that have outgrown basic, "off-the-shelf" accounting packages, Sage BusinessWorks is the powerful, easy-to-use solution that puts every aspect of your business in clear view. Put the information that’s vital to the success of your business right at your fingertips with Sage BusinessWorks, which offers features usually reserved for systems costing thousands of dollars more.

If you weren’t sure you could afford an accounting solution that provides extensive reporting capabilities, unmatched ease of use, and the ability to grow with your business, then Sage BusinessWorks is an eye-opening discovery!

Endorsed Solutions solve your unique business issues and optimize the performance of your software implementation with a solution other Sage customers have found valuable.


Trade In Your Sage BusinessWorks for Big Savings!

If your ERP needs have changed, we want to ensure to keep you in the Sage family of ERP solutions and help you protect the investment that you have already made into Sage ERP products.
The Sage Investment Protection Program (SIPP) allows customers to receive a per-user trade-in credit for their old Sage ERP licenses. This credit can be applied against the purchase of user licenses for a new Sage ERP solution. Under the SIPP, Sage customers can migrate between the following Sage ERP products:

What is the trade-in value of my old licenses ?

The trade-in value of your licenses varies by source product (your old ERP) and destination products (your new ERP), as detailed in the next few pages.
Per-user trade-in credit cannot exceed the per-user license cost of the destination product. Trade-in credit for perpetual pricing applies to per-user pricing for applicable Financials, Distribution or Manufacturing bundles only. Trade-in credit cannot be applied toward products with module-based (à la carte) pricing.

Which Product is the best fit for my business?

Every company is different.  So the best way to know which Sage ERP product fits your business is to speak with one of our Sage ERP family experts.  To set up a quick call with one of our team members complete the request form below or learn more about about Sage 100 ERP, Sage 300 ERP and Sage ERP X3
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