Unlimited Instructor Led On Line Training

The SSiClass Pass Membership is your ticket to maximizing your software productivity.

Do you need training on Sage ERP, Sage 50 U.S. Edition(Formerly Sage Peachtree) or just everyday things like Google DocsMicrosoft Excel or Word?

Our SSiClassPass membership is for you. Unlimited people, unlimited classes on Sage ERP MAS, Microsoft Office and other ALL other classes for one low price. (See price list below)

Web based but INSTRUCTOR LED
Web based and instructor led, these are not "anytime learning" courses. They have a real teacher connected to you during the class with exercises and question and answer sessions.

Short reasonable and relevantclasses Stay where you need to be (in your office) working on what you need to work on (your business) while still getting the most from your software.

CPE credits for every class. CPA's maximize their time by learning and getting CPE credits. Learn More

Unlimited Classes

Training can be expensive and time consuming. With the SSi ClassPass Membership you get everything you need in one place. Take one class or all classes, it's the same price.

Popular classes include:

Sage ERP MAS Business Insights: Using Business Insights Explorer for Sage 100 Standard ERP. (Formerly Sage ERP MAS 90)

Sage MAS Intelligence for Sage ERP: Learn to use the Excel Based Tool that replaced Frx

Sage 50 Quantum (Formerly Sage Peachtree Quantum: An Overview of Sage 50 Quantum, is it right for my business?

The Top Five Free Cloud Applications Every Company should use

Microsoft Word 2010 - What's new

Microsoft Word 2007 - The Basics

Microsoft Excel - Using Pivot Tables

Understanding Financial Reports: A Business Owner's Guide

Google Docs and Microsoft Windows Live (365) What Every Business Should Know

Using Customer Relationship Management: The Basics

Document Management and Workflow: Save time and Money

Sales Tax Processing - Is it time to outsource my tax reporting?

Premium Memberships Include Unlimited Support

Upgrade your class pass to a Premium Membership and receive unlimited email and phone support for your company. Our experienced consultants answer your support questions. This membership includes How to Support, Error Messages and Installation of tax tables and product updates.

Earn Points to Get Priority Support! Answer questions sent from other Sage ERP users, attend classes and purchase product to earn points. The higher the points, the higher your priority in the support queue.

Use Our Social Site! Interact with other Sage ERP users, download relevant documents about Sage ERP and other products, that help your small business prosper.

One Low Price:

Sage ERP Class Pass $199 per month
Sage ERP Premium Class Pass $249 per month

Premium includes unlimited phone support for one year

Pay monthly with your annual subscription and your credit card or once per year with a company check, VISA or MasterCard to receive a discounted price.

Annual Price for ClassPass for ERP $1950

Annual Price for Premium Class Pass for Sage ERP $2495

Sage 50 U.S. Edition (all versions included) $1195 per year

For a sampling of some of our classes click over to our current class pass page. The members only section contains tons of other items but you can't access it quit yet unless you are already a Software Solutions Class Pass Member. www.ssiclassinfo.com

Sage 100 Standard ERP [Sage ERP MAS 90] Users: Get more information and upcoming class schedules and offerings by emailing us now. Info Please!

Sage 50 Users [Sage Peachtree]: Get more information on upcoming class schedules and offerings by emailing us now: Info Please!

Sage ACCPAC Users: Stay Tuned
Please note: This is not designed to replace your current Sage MAS partner. We do not do any consulting for customers of any partners registered in our program.

Our goal is to work with your partner to provide every Sage MAS user with the best Sage ERP MAS experience possible. All implementation questions, consulting requests and one on one training needs for customers aligned with a Sage ERP MAS Partner enrolled in our program will be referred back to the partner for service.

Sage ERP MAS partners may enroll in our program as a preferred partner. Contact us now for more information: More info please:

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