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A Step by Step Methodology for Evaluating Business Management Software

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Where do I start?

What's the difference between Software As A Service (SaaS) and On-Premise Software and how do I know which is best for my company?

What about CRM? My sales team and customer service teams want an integrated solution, is there something out there that has strong accounting, manages my inventory and gives management a view of what's in the pipeline?

I have been on the same system for so long. Can my staff adapt to the new way of doing things?

I need E-Commerce because most of my customers want to place orders over the web!

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I have QuickBooks and I love the ease of use...BUT....

Everyone in my accounting department loves QuickBooks but it is so limiting and it is getting slower and slower!

Is QuickBooks Enterprise or Peachtree Quantum a good fit for me?

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